Conversation Intermediate 5- Breakfast at Home or at the Diner?

Conversation 5: Breakfast at Home or at the Diner?

JANE: "Hey Kevin, do you want to try the new diner down the street for breakfast?"

KEVIN: "Sure. I hear they have really good food, especially their omelets."

JANE: "I know. Susan went their last weekend and said it was the best breakfast place in town!"

KEVIN: "Yeah, I heard the same thing from Janet. She said it’s so popular that she had to wait an hour for a table."

JANE: "Oh, I don't think I can wait an hour. Sorry. I'm pretty hungry right now."

KEVIN: "Well, do you want to make breakfast at home instead?"

JANE: "Sure, that sounds better. What would you like to eat?"

KEVIN: "How about a ham and cheese omelet?"

JANE: "That sounds good. Do we have all of the ingredients?"

KEVIN: "Well, we only need eggs, ham, and cheese."

JANE: "I think we may be out of ham, though. I used the last few slices for a sandwich yesterday."

KEVIN: "Okay. How about a vegetable omelet instead?"

JANE: "That sounds good! We have green peppers, mushrooms, and onions."

KEVIN: "That's perfect."

JANE: "Great! I'll brew some coffee and you make the omelet."

KEVIN: "Um, I hate to tell you this, Jane. But I don't know how to make an omelet!"

JANE: "You don't? Well, I don't either."

KEVIN: "Seriously? That’s funny! Well, looks like we’re having breakfast at the new diner after all!"